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~ How to Contact Us by E-Mail ~

Interested in receiving more information about the Third New York Regiment?
Contact the current commander of our reenacting unit at the following e-mail address:

Marvin Rasch (

For more information about the history of the unit, contact:

Stephen Gilbert (

~ Friends, Britons, and Countrymen ~

The N.W.T.A. is a Revolutionary War organization that hosts reenactments throughout the Midwest.
Visit the N.W.T.A. website at:
The Northwest Territory Alliance (NWTA)

The B.A.R. is a Revolutionary War organization that hosts reenactments primarily on the East Coast
Visit the BAR website at:.
The Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR)

The 7th Pennsylvania is a fellow NWTA unit based in Minnesota. Visit their  website at:
7th Pennsylvania Regt.

The 2nd New York Provincial Battalion  is our sister organization in the BAR  Visit them at:
2nd New York Provincial Battalion

The 55th Regiment of Foot is our 'favorite' red-coat unit. Our unit's relationship goes back a decade.
Visit their site at:
55th Regiment of Foot

The Third NY Regiment was besieged while garrisoning Fort Stanwix (located in present
day Rome, NY) during the summer of 1777. Visit the Fort Stanwix website at:
Fort Stanwix

~ Sutlers' Websites ~

You can purchase many of the clothes, accouterments and supplies you need to
become a Revolutionary War re-enactor from the following sutlers:

Wm Booth, Draper

G. Gedney Godwin

Bradley Company of the Fox

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.


Arrow Moccasin Company

Roy Najecki