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~ An American Revolutionary War Reenacting Unit ~

"Captain Lewis Dubois' Company, Third New York Regiment" is a non-profit organization comprised of members who have chosen American Revolutionary War reenacting as their hobby. Our group portrays the Third New York Regiment as it existed in November 1775 during the campaign to take Canada from British control in the early part of the American Revolution.

Our members recreate the daily routine of Revolutionary War soldiers, soldiers' wives, families and camp followers. Our unit belongs to the Northwest Territory Alliance (NWTA) and the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR) and attends reenactments throughout the summer months, mainly in the Midwest. Our members are primarily from Wisconsin and Illinois. For more information about the Third New York Regiment, please review the following FAQ's about our reenacting unit:

Frequently Asked Questions about DuBois' Company, Third New York Regiment

  • What are the minimum requirements to join your unit?
    First, you must be interested in the American Revolutionary War and the historical time period of 1775-1783! More precisely, you must be an adult, of suitable health to spend weekends outdoors, and be able to acquire the necessary clothing and equipment. There are no minimum attendance requirements, nor is there a requirement that an ancestor had to have actually belonged to one of the Revolutionary War armies.

  • What 'parent' organizations does the unit belong to?
    The Northwest Territory Alliance (NWTA), a non-profit educational organization that studies and recreates the times of the American Revolutionary War, is our primary parent organization. All of our members must belong to the NWTA, which hosts Revolutionary War events across the Midwest. Many members of our unit also belong to the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR). The BAR is an organization that organizes Revolutionary War events primarily out East. You may visit the NWTA and BAR websites via the links found on our "Links & E-Mail" page.

  • How many reenacting events do you attend every year?
    In a typical season (May - October), the Third New York attends about five NWTA events as a group. These events are seldom more than a four-hour drive from Milwaukee / Chicago. Of course, members are also free to attend additional NWTA events even when the rest of the membership stays at home. Some members may also attend one or two BAR events each summer. Occasionally an optional special event is added to our event list. Most members choose 18th century camping for the entire event weekend, although modern camping facilities are generally available and motels are an option. Meals are generally taken in the camp, in the style of the common soldier. Several unit meetings are usually held during the winter months (November - April), with another two held at events during the season.

    Some members have attended large events, such as: Savannah, GA (1979); Guilford Court House, NC & Yorktown, VA (1981); Fort Stanwix, NY (1984, 1992, 2002); the filming of Last of the Mohicans, NC (1991); Quebec City, PQ (1998); and White Plains, NY (2001)..

  • How long has your current group been organized?
    Our unit began in 1974, just before the big Bicentennial celebrations, with the initial founding of the NWTA in Racine, WI. The original members recreated a New York Militia 1781 bounty regiment, "Colonel John Frear's Regiment of Dutchess County Militia" in commemoration of one member's ancestor who had actually served in it. After four years, however, the unit adopted a dual identity as the 1775 "3rd New York Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel's Company." By 1980, however, the uniformed Third New York identity had become more popular (and more historically accurate) than the militia portrayal. Seeking to continue a link with Dutchess County, we researched Captain Lewis Dubois' 4th Company of 1775, who largely originated from that county. By 1982, we had located and transcribed the original muster rolls in the National Archives and settled on a more polished identity. In 1992 we joined the Northwest Department of the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR), submitted our required historical paperwork, immediately received probationary status, and following several inspections, received full member status in 1996 (Unit #253).
  • How many soldiers can your unit field?
    Currently, Dubois' Company can field approximately 12 uniformed Third NY soldiers.